Tess Rafferty Entertains

Author & Comedy Central / E! writer Tess Rafferty talks tits, entertaining and travel with Bernie & AL. If you’re familiar with a little show on E! called The Soup, ┬áComedy Central’s @midnight or caught their roasts then you’ve already laughed at her writing. In this episode Tess shares her tips on entertaining and dealing with the stress and anxiety of throwing a kick ass dinner party – all taken from her book Recipes for Disaster – A Memoir. Need legit cooking and entertaining advice but want to skip Mario Batali and Gwnyth Paltrow driving around Tuscany pretending they bumped into celebrity friends who just happen to be mic’d for the cameras? Is it just too painful for you to watch Martha Stewart pretend she has a soul? Search no more! This episode is no bullshit guide to being a great host and avoid having a psychotic break before the first guest arrives. Oh, and if you want some snark and social commentary, well of course there’s plenty of that.


No manufactured “edge” here, Tess Rafferty’s really got the goods.



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Tony V: We Can’t Stop Listening

The only thing that can hold a candle to Tony V's entertainment credits? His life stories.

We couldn’t get through 1/2 of our questions for Tony V because his stories were so damned riveting.

Tony V stops by Laugh Boston to discuss Boston comedy, Boston history, Boston real estate, being in NYC on 9/11 and pie. You probably know his TV & film credits (The Town, The Heat, State and Main, Brotherhood, Louie, etc.) but bet you didn’t know he’s a former case worker at Somerville Mental Health Center. Intelligent, insightful and straightforward, this interview is hilarious without an ounce of schtick.

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