Due Diligence with Du Kirpalani : The Hunt for a Hollywood Writing Gig

Du with girls

Getting Over A Girl The Write Way

Author,  comedian and Disney Fellowship finalist Du Kirpalani just landed himself an international TV writing gig to pay the bills. Kirpalani grew up in Hong Kong, worked in advertising in India then hit the ground running when he arrived in LA with $7000.00 in his pocket. His books Side Boobs, 100 Poems For My Ex & 10 Jokes For Me and The Naughty Boy Who Saved Christmas (ranked #7 on Kindle last holiday season) have been highly endorsed by some of LA’s best comedy writers. His philosophy of  “just keep making more art” is clearly paying off. In this episode  Kirpalani gives straight forward advice and shares the resources he’s used to self publish, navigate the LA scene and land some gigs. So you can go take that “Break into the Hollywood Writing Scene” class for $2400.00 or just get the straight up truth from this episode for free.


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